Study at an Australia university

Universities - "Belajar di universitas Australia"
Study at an Australia gain an international qualification.
An Australian university will provide you with a sound understanding of your chosen field, along with academic skills that can be applied to other areas. You won’t just be learning about health, science, engineering or the arts. You’ll also be learning how to think creatively and independently.

Higher education qualifications offered in Australia

Australian universities and higher education institutions offer programs leading to Bachelor Degrees and higher qualifications in a diverse range of fields. Australian universities offer programs from Architecture to Zoology.

The Bachelor Degree is the most common qualification offered in Australia. Specialised research training and professional development is also offered through Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees.

Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas are also available. Diplomas are becoming less common, however, the Associate Degree provides a shorter-cycle Degree program for professionals wishing to further their careers.
Australian research and innovation

Australian scientists and researchers have been responsible for major breakthroughs and technological advances around the world. Our best-known achievers have won international awards, including eight Nobel Prizes.

As a postgraduate student, you will develop skills in research that will put you at the forefront of the development and application of new technologies. Australian universities provide study opportunities in every major discipline, in individual and collaborative projects.

The rewards of studying at an Australian university are endless. Develop your potential in an innovative, flexible, yet supportive learning environment. Gain an internationally recognised qualification that will open doors for your future.
Australian :universities will challenge and reward you academically, personally &